Account Management

Adjust your profile and plan preferences to make Quizizz work perfectly for you.

Privacy Settings

  • Are my Quizzes and Presentations Confidential?

    By default, all quizzes and presentations created by you are marked as private and will not be visible or accessible to others. They will also not pop up on search engine results. The lock symbol visible on a quiz or presentation indicat...

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  • GDPR Compliance with Quizizz

    Quizizz is compliant with GDPR, and respecting your privacy is critical to our mission. These are our guiding privacy principles: We don’t ask you for personal information unless we truly need it We don’t keep your personal information ...

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My Plan

  • See your current subscription or plan

    Log into your Quizizz account. You can see the plan you're on displayed at the bottom of the navigation bar. To get additional details about your subscription, or if you need to cancel your existing subscription click on 'Settings' in t...

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  • Adding Logo and Custom Background on Quizizz

    The Quizizz for Work Premier plan enables you to customize your account and live activities (quiz and presentation) by adding elements unique to your brand. You can: Upload your company’s logo to an activity Add a custom theme to an act...

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  • Language Options on Quizizz

    As a host, you can change the language settings on your page before hosting a presentation or quiz and your participants will be able to view the activity in the set language.  To change the language setting, sign into your Quizizz accou...

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  • Contact Quizizz

    Submit questions from the Help icon on the left bottom corner. Type in your questions into the Help window and wait for a support team representative to answer your questions. If in case your questions linger, click on Contact Us within ...

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