Using Quizizz

Everything you need to know to run a successful event using Quizizz.


  • Game Settings on Presentations

    There are five settings that you can control before starting a lesson. You can see the settings menu after selecting your preferred game type — Live or Homework on the lessons page.  All your game settings are housed under Advanced Setti...

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  • Interactive Presentations

    Quizizz is perfectly suited for all your company’s engagement goals. Be it cross-functional meetings or weekly check-ins or fun Friday events, training sessions or learning and development (L&D) programs, employee onboarding sessions or ...

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  • How to Create a Presentation?

    Presentations are used for creating interactive and engaging content for your participants. Essentially, Quizizz Presentations are intelligent and intuitive -- they help make your event more impactful. You can integrate quizzes within pr...

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  • Host an Interactive Presentation

    Host an interactive presentation with your participants using Quizizz for Work. To host an Interactive Presentation, follow these steps:  Click on 'Preview' to review the slides in the presentation mode before presenting it to a group. ...

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Quizzes and Settings

  • Game Settings

    There are eight settings that you can control before starting a quiz. You can see the settings menu after selecting your preferred game type — Live or Homework on the quiz page.  All your game settings are housed under Advanced Settings....

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  • Answer Explanations on Quizizz

    Answer Explanations on Quizizz allows you to describe the steps in detail for the correct answer option. You can format the text, add multimedia(audio or video) or use the math equation editor in this box. You can access this feature whi...

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  • Power Ups!

    Power-ups are single-use abilities designed to increase engagement and participation on Quizizz. Power-ups are turned on by default for Live, Team and Homework Games but can be toggled off by the game host when they create the game. Once...

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  • How to Use the Different Question Types

    These are 9 different types of questions available on Quizizz -- Multiple choice: Questions with two or more (up to five) answer options; only one option is the correct answer. A participant can only select one answer option when pla...

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  • Your dashboard

    Welcome to your dashboard! The dashboard is your homepage and it is what you see when you log into your Quizizz account. Everything from the quizzes you've created, games hosted, past game reports and a lot more can be easily accessed fr...

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  • Adding images or audio to quizzes

    Why limit your quizzes to text when you can add images and audio clips as well? To start, select the question type that you'd like to include in your quiz. Add an Audio Clip To include an audio clip in your quiz, click on the 'Media' op...

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