Getting Started

Find out about your account, active plans, network requirements, and anything you need to get started on Quizizz.

Understanding the basics

  • Participant Limits per Quizizz for Work Plans

    Customize your Quizizz for Work subscription plans that suit best for your business. Choose between the Premier plan, Standard plan, and Intro or Trial plan per your business requirements.      Premier Plan  Standard Plan  Intro ...

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  • Bandwidth Requirements

    Internet Bandwidth specifications Bandwidth depends on the number of participants accessing Quizizz through a network. These numbers vary as per the strength of bandwidth capacity 10 users/participants 2Mbps 30  4Mbps 100...

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  • Join codes and their Validity

    Every activity (quiz or presentation) has a particular join code that needs to be shared with your participants to enter and attempt the activity. Join Codes for Live Activities Activity codes are valid until the activity expires. In a ...

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Intro to Quizizz

  • Creating a Quizizz account

    Any kind of training or learning activity becomes more fun with Quizizz. You can create a Quizizz account for free and try it out yourself. Creating an account won't take you more than a few minutes and a free account gives you access to...

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  • Create a Presentation

    Presentations are used for creating interactive and engaging content for your participants. Essentially, Quizizz Presentations are intelligent and intuitive -- they help make your event more impactful. You can integrate quizzes within pr...

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  • Create a Quiz

    To create a quiz, follow these steps:  Click on Create from the left navigation pane and select the Quiz option Name and tag the quiz appropriately. A maximum of 3 tags are allowed per quiz  Create questions using the Quiz Editor. The s...

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  • Quizizz for Work

    Quizizz for Work is an interactive engagement platform that offers multiple tools to make your events fun, interactive, and engaging.  Quizizz is perfectly suited for all your company’s engagement goals. Be it cross-functional meetings o...

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  • How to host a quiz

    Whether you're conducting a training session or looking for a fun way to gather feedback from your employees or customers, Quizizz makes it easy to conduct fun quizzes that are sure to keep your audience engaged. The first step to hostin...

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  • Assigning asynchronous quizzes and surveys

      Assigned games on Quizizz allow you to assign games to be played asynchronously. Asynchronous assignments are only available on our paid plans.  You can watch this short video to find out how to assign a game, or read more below. Assig...

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