Host, Assign, & Join Activities

Host & Assign Activities

  • How to Host a Quiz

    Whether you're conducting a training session or looking for a fun way to gather feedback from your employees or customers, Quizizz makes it easy to host interactive quizzes that are sure to keep your audience engaged.  The first step to ...

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  • How to Host a Lesson

    On Quizizz for Work, Lessons act as engaging and interactive presentations. A Lesson is a combination of questions and slides that contain text, images, videos, and more. You can read more about creating Lessons by clicking here.  There ...

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  • Join codes and their Validity

    Every activity (quiz or presentation) has a particular join code that needs to be shared with participants so they can enter and attempt the activity. These codes are valid until the activity expires. You can copy the code or the join li...

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  • Embed Quizzes & Lessons Into Webpages

    Your quizzes and lessons can now be embedded into webpages! This enables you to plug Quizizz activities directly into your training material and documents. For instance, you can embed a quiz  within your webpage on HR policies to gauge ...

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