Participant Limits in Quizizz for Work Plans

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Customize your Quizizz for Work subscription plans to best suit your business. Choose between the Essential plan and the Enterprise plan per your organization's requirements. 

  30-day trial period  Essential Plan  Enterprise Plan 
Maximum no. of active participants per month 30 100 Unlimited
Maximum number of participants per session  30 100 1000

When you sign up for a Quizizz for Work account, a 30-day trial is automatically activated for you. This enables you and your teammates to experience the product and all its features firsthand. You can learn more about the trial period and all that it offers by clicking here

At any point during your trial, you can choose to upgrade to an Essential or Enterprise plan. To learn more about these annual plans, click here.


Quizizz for Work defines an active participant as a participant who attempts at least one session in a  period of 30 consecutive days.

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    I have a Premier Plan but a quiz is limited to 5 participants. I don't require users to sign in, unlimited attempts.

    Why is this limited to 5?


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