Payment, fulfillment, and refunds

You can access your paid subscription to Quizizz for Work after payment or confirmation of an order form (applicable to enterprise customers only). If you purchase your subscription via the self-serve portal your paid subscription (billed either annually or monthly) will typically reflect your payment confirmation under the Settings tab. 

To Customize your subscription, we recommend you check Quizizz for Work: Plans.

Quizizz reserves the right to change our terms and conditions, plan offerings, and offer promotions. These changes do not obligate us to revert plan prices or issue refunds or change the subscription plans for our past, current, and future customers. 

In case you would like to cancel your subscription, click on 'Settings’ on the left navigation pane. Scroll to the bottom and click on Cancel Plan. Quizizz reserves the right to downgrade or revoke your subscription in case of non-payment. 

Reach out to if you have any questions or need support.

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    Dear Gents,

    I need to cancel my account and return the payment for stander member.

    You can subscription amount can be deducted for a month

    Account Email:



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