Game Settings

There are eight settings that you can control before starting a quiz. You can see the settings menu after selecting your preferred game type — Live or Homework on the quiz page. 

All your game settings are housed under Advanced Settings. They are further divided into General Settings and Gameplay Settings.


General Settings


Number of attempts

This setting lets you control the number of attempts made by participants in a quiz. However, enabling this setting would require students to log into their Quizizz account to attempt the quiz.

Show answers in-game

This setting controls the feedback that participants see right after answering a question. You can toggle whether they get immediate feedback on getting an answer correct/incorrect, and also whether or not to show them all the questions with their correct answers at the end of the quiz.

If set to OFF, your participants will not see the correct answer after each question, and will also not get to see if they got the answer correct immediately after they attempt the question.

If you select Validate only, the participant will get feedback on whether or not they got a question correct, but they will not be shown the correct answer if they get a question incorrect.

When set to ON, participants get to see whether they got a question correct/incorrect, as well as the correct answer.

Show answers post-game

This setting controls the display of the review section for the participants at the end of the game. Turn this ON to allow them to review the questions and their correct answers. Select Questions only to allow your participants to see only the question and option choices (the correct answer won't be highlighted). 

If this is turned OFF, students won't be able to review the questions or answers after the quiz.

Gameplay Settings 


Question timer

If this is ON, we award participants points based on accuracy+speed. 600 points for getting it correct, and 0-400 based on speed. (An incorrect answer is always 0, regardless of speed.) 
If you turn this OFF, the timer is turned off. Students will get 600 for correct and 0 for incorrect.

Show Leaderboard

If this is turned ON, participants will see a leaderboard after each question, and see their rank during and after the quiz. 
Turn this OFF if you don't want participants to see each others' scores/rank or are not keen on making the quiz competitive.

Shuffle questions

If this is turned ON, each of your participants will receive the questions in a different order. This makes it difficult for participants to "get help" from each other (ergo, no cheating). :) 
Turn this OFF if you want the questions to appear in the original order for everyone.

Shuffle answer options

If this is turned ON, the answers will be shuffled for each question (each participant gets a different order.) This is ideal when you don't want to worry about shuffling the answers while creating the quiz.
Turn this OFF if you want the answers to appear in the original order for everyone.

Show memes

If this is ON, students will see funny images (called memes) after each question. You can also create your own meme sets!
Turn this OFF if you do not want your students to see memes during the quiz. 

You can choose different settings for live and homework games. 

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