Power Ups!

Power-ups are single-use abilities designed to increase engagement and participation on Quizizz. Power-ups are turned on by default for Live, Team and Homework Games but can be toggled off by the game host when they create the game.

Once a participant acquires a Power-up, they’ll see a power-up icon at the bottom of their screen and can click on the icon to activate it for a specific question.

In most cases, power-ups can only be applied once. Once used, the power-up icon disappears.


Power-ups are additional abilities that are applied on questions to improve the chances of getting a higher score. They are not scored separately and do not impact overall accuracy scores. Accuracy is calculated purely on the percentage of correct responses, and not on points. You can easily view the accuracy score for your students through our reports that highlight points and accuracy separately.

While power-ups may influence student ranking on the leader-board, it does not impact their accuracy score. Here’s a list of some of the power-ups currently available.

Name Description
Double Jeopardy Players get double points for a correct answer but lose it all if the answer is incorrect
x2 Gives players twice the points for one question
50-50: It eliminates half of the incorrect options
Eraser: Gets rid of one incorrect option
Immunity: Players get a second chance after an incorrect answer
Time Freeze: Freezes the timer and gives players full points for a question
Power Play: Everyone in the game gets 50% more points for 20 seconds
Streak Saver: Ensure your streak against a wrong answer
Glitch Everyone but you get a "Something went wrong" screen for 10 seconds.

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