Interactive Presentations

Quizizz is perfectly suited for all your company’s engagement goals. Be it cross-functional meetings or weekly check-ins or fun Friday events, training sessions or learning and development (L&D) programs, employee onboarding sessions or orientation sessions for interns, All Hands meetings or Townhalls –  Quizizz for Work enables maximum user participation. 

Use Quizizz Presentations and present easy-to-consume information to your audience, and layer it up with live engagement. Interactive Presentations let you combine informational slides and multimedia (text, image, audio, and video) with quiz and poll questions. Gather responses from your audience and discuss them in real-time.  

  • Quizizz Presentations offer a presenter-led experience: As a presenter, you can pose a question in the middle of a session, gather responses, review results with the group/individual participants in real-time, get instant feedback, and make tweaks on the go, with your interactions.

  • Quizizz Presentations are ideal for on-site, hybrid, and remote work environments as the presenter can choose to display the presentation on one main screen or on individual devices or enable both simultaneously.

Quizizz Presentations can be hosted from a desktop and accessed by participants anywhere and on any device. 

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