How to create an interactive presentation

On your Home page, click on Create and select Presentation to start editing your interactive slide.


The Quizizz slide editor auto-saves all changes so you can just add your content without worrying about saving your content. All updates can be previewed on the left sidebar.


The first slide cannot be deleted so make sure you take the time to make a great first impression. You can rearrange the remaining slides at anytime with an easy drag and drop.

Click on the + sign to insert different types of slides.


The editor on the slides is placed on the right side of the screen. Click on the dialog box to enter your content. 


Preview your slides as you create them.



After creating your new slides, click on Publish to save the draft.

Adding questions on Presentations is similar to a normal quiz. You can choose any of the five type of questions (Multiple choice, Checkbox, Fill-in-the-blank, Poll and Open-ended questions).

Select a suitable time on the question timer to make the participants answer the question within the allotted time.

Note - You need to set individual time duration for each question. 


Click on Publish to save the presentation and add it to your library. Voila! You just created an interactive presentation!

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