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Why limit your Quizzes to text when you can add multimedia as well? On Quizizz for Work, you can add images, gifs, videos, and audio clips to your Quiz questions to make them more engaging and interactive for your participants! 

Begin by creating a new Quiz question or editing any of your existing Quiz questions. 

Adding an image 

Click on the image icon in the question box to upload an image from your device or search for an image on Google. You can also paste the URL of an image to add it to your question. 

Adding a video clip 

Click on the video icon in the question box to search YouTube for a video or enter its URL. You can also import a video from your Google Drive or One Drive or upload a video directly from your device. 

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Adding an audio clip 

Click on the audio icon in the question box. Here, you will find the option to either record a clip that is up to 3 minutes long, or upload an MP3 file from your device. 

Note that for some question types, you can also add media to your answer options! Additionally, you can add images, videos, and audio to your slides in Lessons.

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