Your dashboard

Welcome to your dashboard! The dashboard is your homepage and it is what you see when you log into your Quizizz account. Everything from the quizzes you've created, games hosted, past game reports and a lot more can be easily accessed from the dashboard.


Let's dive deeper and understand each section a bit better.

You can find all the quizzes you've created under 'My quizzes'. All your completed quizzes as well as drafts will appear under this section.


All games hosted by you, both as live or assigned games, appear under the 'Reports' section of your dashboard. 


You can organize your quizzes by adding them to collections that are easy to access in the future. You can create any number of collections and add quizzes under them. You can also add a quiz to multiple collections.


Memes are funny images that you can add to your games. You can create your own memes as well. All custom memes created by you appear under 'Memes'.


View details such as your existing plan, date of renewal, and cancellation information under the 'Settings' section of your dashboard. 

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