Assigning asynchronous quizzes and surveys


Assigned games on Quizizz allow you to assign games to be played asynchronously. Asynchronous assignments are only available on our paid plans. 

You can watch this short video to find out how to assign a game, or read more below.

Assigning a game

Once you've created the quiz and added it to your quizzes, select it from the 'My Quizzes' section. 


Once you've found the quiz you'd like to send to your participants click on ‘Assign’ to get started.


Deadlines for Assigned Games

Paid plans come with a no-deadline option! You can opt whether or not to add a deadline to your game. If you do choose to add a deadline, participants will need to attempt the game within the specified deadline. You can also edit or extend the deadline at any point in time, as long as the game is still active.


Browse through the settings available for your game and select the ones you’d like to apply in the game. You can limit the number of attempts allowed in the game, shuffle the order of questions, and include (or exclude) other cool gameplay settings in your game.

Click on ‘Host Game’ once you’re happy with the chosen settings for the game.


You now have an active game and a relevant game code. This code is unique and only players who enter this game code will be able to play the game. Share the link with all the players. You can also ask them to go to on their device and enter the appropriate game code to join the game. 


You can access data about an assigned game under the 'Reports' section of your dashboard. Every attempt is updated live, as and when participants attempt the game. You can also access this data after the game has ended by heading over to its report.


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