Are my Quizzes and Presentations Confidential?

By default, all quizzes and presentations created by you are marked as private and will not be visible or accessible to others. They will also not pop up on search engine results. The lock symbol visible on a quiz or presentation indicates that it is private and confidential.  

Irrespective of the Quizizz for Plan you have chosen to subscribe to, all quizzes and presentations are marked as private and confidential. We value your privacy and respect confidentiality. 

You can enable view or edit access with your collaborators if you choose to share your quiz or presentation with your colleagues within your organization. If you want to share your content with others outside your organization, ensure to add the correct Quizizz-associated email address within the share dialog box. 

As a host, you can share the join code of a quiz or presentation with your participants. However, they will not be able to edit or update your content on their devices. 

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