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The Quizizz for Work Premier and Enterprise plans enable you to customize your account and activities (Quizzes and Lessons) by adding elements unique to your brand.

You can:

  • upload your company’s logo to an activity, and
  • customize the leaderboard's background color

You can access the custom branding option on the settings page when you try to host a Quiz or Lesson. Begin by selecting the Quiz or Lesson you would like to conduct and click on 'Start Live Session' or 'Assign Activity'.

Scroll down to find the 'Add custom branding' option under 'Primary Settings' and click on 'Update'. 

Click on 'Upload' to upload an image and toggle between the black and white color tiles to give it a background. You can see how the logo looks in the preview window below. 

Set a background color for the leaderboard by clicking on the color tile and choosing a color from the color picker. Or, add a hex code in the dialog box next to it. Once you are done making the necessary changes, click on 'Save'. 

Quizizz will remember the background color and logo you've set, and you will not have to upload an image or choose a color each time you host a Quiz or Lesson.

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