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Enhance your training and evaluation process with Quizizz AI's objective, AI-driven feedback on Audio Response questions. This tool assesses pronunciation, fluency, and tone while comparing submissions to your ideal response. Quizizz AI delivers clear, actionable insights in minutes, which can come in handy in sales enablement and call centre training. Read on to learn how to enable and utilize this powerful feature for your training needs.

Add an ideal response

Adding an ideal response is useful because it helps AI compare and analyze the participant's submitted audio by deriving key metrics for performance evaluation.

You can add an ideal response while creating or editing a Quiz with the Audio Response question type:

  1. Click on 'Add ideal response' from the left-hand side of your screen
  2. Now, you can choose from recording an ideal response or entering an ideal response script. You can choose to add both to equip AI better to analyse participant responses
    1. To record an ideal response, click on 'Start recording'. You can record your audio or upload an mp3 file here. Then, click on 'Insert'
    2. To add an ideal response script, simply type or paste the script content into the text box

  3. Click on 'Save ideal response' 
  4. You can add more questions or edit existing ones as desired. Once you're happy with your Quiz, click on 'Publish' at the top right corner

Your Quiz is now ready to be hosted live or assigned asynchronously.

View AI-automated analysis for Audio Responses

  1. Go to your ‘Reports’ section from the left navigation pane
  2. Select the Quiz whose Report
  3. On the Reports page of the selected Quiz, go to the ‘Questions’ tab
  4. Click on the response you'd like to view the AI-automated evaluation for

The AI analysis of the Audio Response will appear now based on three metrics: empathetic tone, pronunciation, and fluency. If you have added an ideal response while creating a question, you will be able to view the analysis based on that as well. The transcript of the submitted response will also be available for you to view. 



You can now go ahead and grade this response based on the analysis given to you by Quizizz AI. Simply click on the 'Evaluate' button from the top right corner to change the points count. 







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