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Your quizzes and lessons can now be embedded into webpages! This enables you to plug Quizizz activities directly into your training material and documents. For instance, you can embed a quiz 

  1. within your webpage on HR policies to gauge employees' understanding of these policies and procedures 
  2. within your sales training material to assess employees' knowledge of the product or service they are promoting, and  
  3. within your onboarding material to better engage new members of the organization

Embedding a quiz 

Here are the steps you can follow to embed your quiz: 

  1. Select the quiz or lesson you would like to embed 
  2. Click on 'Assign Activity' and choose between the 'Self Study Assignment' and 'Compliance Training' modes 
  3. Review the Primary, Gamification, and Assessment settings and modify them as per your requirements 
  4. Click on 'Continue' and then click on 'Start now' 

  5. Navigate to the webpage where you wish to embed this quiz 
  6. Add the following block of code 
    1. <div style="width:100%;display:flex;flex-direction:column;gap:8px;min-height:400px;"><iframe src="https://quizizz.com/pro/join?gc=param1" title="param2" style="flex:1;" frameBorder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe><a href="https://quizizz.com/pro/join?gc=param1" target="_blank">Take this Quiz on Quizizz</a></div>

  7. Replace 'param1' with the join code of your quiz and 'param2' with the title of the quiz. For instance, 
    1. param1 will be replaced by 70816154
    2. param2 will be replaced by Event Energizer 

Your quiz has now been embedded!

Participant experience 

When participants encounter your embedded quiz, they will be able to attempt it on the webpage without opening a new tab or window. They will be prompted to enter their name or log into their Quizizz accounts (if you have enabled the 'Require participants to login' setting) before they begin the activity. 

Viewing Results in Reports 

You can view the results for an embedded quiz in the same way you would view them for a regular quiz. Click on the 'Reports' tab in the left navigation pane and select the report for your quiz.

Alternatively, you can select the quiz from your Library and click on the 'Sessions' tab. Then, click on 'View Full Report' to get detailed insights into your participants' performance.

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