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Introducing a whole new question type: Interactive Video! With this question type, you can upload a video containing your case studies or learning material and add multiple questions based on the video. 

You can upload a video from your device, Google Drive, or One Drive, or paste the URL to a YouTube video. Add multiple Multiple-Choice, Fill-in-the-Blank, Hotspot, Drop-Down, Drag-and-Drop, Categorize, and Open-ended questions to your video. Participants will then be able to refer to the video while they answer these questions.

In this article, we will go over how you can create an Interactive Video, the participant experience of this question type, and how you can view the responses to this question type in your reports. 

Creating an Interactive Video

Here's how you can add an Interactive Video to your quiz:

  1. Click on 'Create new content' on the top-right corner of your screen 
  2. Click on 'Quiz' 
  3. Select 'Interactive Video' from the list of question types 
  4. Click on '+ Choose Video'. Here, you can choose to 
    1. Search for a YouTube video or paste its URL
    2. Upload a video from your Google Drive
    3. Upload a video from your One Drive
    4. Upload a video directly from your device

      You can also use the 'Auto-generate questions using Quizizz AI' option to generate questions automatically. Learn more here.
  5. Add questions to your video by choosing between the Multiple-Choice, Fill-in-the-Blank, Hotspot, Drop-Down, Drag and Drop, Categorize, and Open-ended questions
  6. You can also 
    1. add images, audio, video, and equations to a question
    2. add an answer explanation if required 
    3. set the points to be allotted to the question
    4. set the time allotted to the question, and
    5. tag topics to the question 
  7. Click on 'Save question'

  8. Add your remaining questions by choosing from the question types at the bottom of your screen 
  9. Once you've added all the questions you need, you can:
    1. click to edit them 
    2. drag and drop to rearrange them 
    3. hover and click on the trash icon to delete them
  10. Click on 'Save question' 

Repeat these steps to add as many Interactive Videos as you'd like, and click on 'Publish'. Your quiz can now be hosted live or as an assigned activity. 

Participant experience 

  • When participants attempt an Interactive Video, they can view the video on the left and a list of all the questions they need to answer on the right. 
  • Participants must watch the video and answer questions sequentially. They cannot skip ahead to future questions
  • The video can be rewound or paused, allowing students to review any segments they need to revisit
  • A 'Show More' button provides a complete list of questions, making it easy to navigate
    Video playback controls enable students to adjust the volume and playback speed to suit their preferences

Viewing Interactive Videos in Reports 

For Interactive Videos, a Quizizz report will display responses and points for each question separately. Click on the 'Questions' tab or the 'Overview' tab to see how participants have responded to each question. 


  1. Only one video can be uploaded for a given set of questions 
  2. The supported file formats formats for uploaded videos include .mp4, .ogg, and .webm
  3. A power-up, when applied, will affect only one question for a given Video

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