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On Quizizz for Work, you can enable participants to provide feedback on a session at the end of a quiz or a lesson. This allows you to tap into: 

  1. insights on participant experience 
  2. actionable data on how quizzes & lessons can be improved, and  
  3. suggestions for improving training and instruction 

In this article, we will go over how you can enable participant feedback, take a look at the learner's experience of this feature, and discuss how you can view feedback gathered from your sessions. 

Enabling participant feedback 

  1. Select a quiz or lesson that you would like to host
  2. Select a game mode and review its settings 
  3. Toggle to enable participant feedback under primary settings 

  4. Click on 'Continue' to host your game

Participants will now be able to leave feedback at the end of the quiz or lesson. Let's take a peek at what this experience will look like. 

Participants' Experience

Once participants have completed the game, they will be directed to a screen where they can leave a star rating along with feedback on the session. They can type up to 400 characters in the dialog box provided.

Participants have the option to only provide a star rating. Alternatively, they can skip both the star rating as well as the open-ended feedback. 

Viewing Participant Feedback 

There are two ways in which you can view the feedback from your participants. You can view it in a report, or you can view it on the quiz/lesson page. 

View feedback in a report 

If you'd like to view the feedback for a particular session, click on 'Reports' on the left navigation pane and select the report for your activity. Next, navigate to the 'Feedback' tab. 

Here, you'll see the average star rating given by your participants. Quizizz AI takes an aggregation of all the feedback to create themes. The reviews are then grouped according to their themes, and you can click on any of the themes to view corresponding feedback. 

View feedback on the quiz/ lesson page 

You can open up a quiz or lesson page to view feedback across all the sessions it was hosted in. To do this, select the quiz or lesson and navigate to the 'Feedback' tab. 

Here, you will find the average star rating along with a graph that represents the average rating trend across sessions. 

Scroll down to view participant feedback. Here too, you can click on any of the themes generated by Quizizz AI to view the corresponding participant responses. 


  1. Feedback can only be provided once per session. 
  2. Enabling participant feedback is currently possible only for quizzes and lessons, and is not available for Courses.

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