Create a Presentation

Presentations are used for creating interactive and engaging content for your participants. Essentially, Quizizz Presentations are intelligent and intuitive -- they help make your event more impactful. You can integrate quizzes within presentations too.

To Create Presentations, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Create and select the Presentation option
  2. Name and tag your lesson appropriately
  3. Select Themes on the extreme right to apply to the entire lesson or to a particular slide within the lesson
  4. Like all other PPT applications, choose options from the toolbar to edit your lessons 
  5. Insert images, text, audio, video, or equations from the dock
  6. Add more slides / questions
  7. You can add question to your presentation too to make the event engaging and informative
    1. The questions formats available are: Multiple Choice questions (multiple correct answers i.e. Checkbox), Fill in the Blanks, Poll, Audio, Video responses, Draw, Match, Reorder, and Open-ended. These count as separate slides too.  
  8. Save the Presentation by clicking on Save
    • By default, all the presentations on Quizizz for Work are marked private. However, you can share the link with fellow collaborators to edit the presentation before hosting it with participants
  9. You can either host a live presentation or assign it as a homework 

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