Create a Quiz

To create a quiz, follow these steps: 

  • Click on Create from the left navigation pane and select the Quiz option
  • Name and tag the quiz appropriately. A maximum of 3 tags are allowed per quiz 
  • Create questions using the Quiz Editor. The supported formats to create questions are -
    • Multiple Choice
    • Check-Box
    • Fill-in-the-blanks
    • Open-Ended
    • Poll 
    • Match 
    • Reorder
    • Audio response 
    • Video response
  • Type your question within the dialog box and add options. You can also -
    1. Edit the option
    2. Add math equations
    3. Add images to questions and options
    4. You can also create audio for the questions
  • Add options and mark the correct answer. Multiple answers are chosen via the checkbox format
  • Add an explanation for the answer if required
  • Choose the time allotted to answer a question. You can select this per question or make it consistent throughout a quiz
  • Save the question
  • Save the quiz once all questions and answers (along with options) are added
  • You can also add Answer Explanations to all questions -- this tool enables you to confirm your participants' understanding after answering every question
  • Save this quiz to make it available in your library. You can start a live quiz or assign as homework assignment

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